Message from the Chairman.

Pitoon Khawtepawan, Ph.D. - Chairman

Pitoon Khawtepawan, Ph.D.


Message from the Chairman.

Looking back to the establishment of Sharp Formulators Co., Ltd., there were no expectations of how the business to turn out. The only plan was to win the hearts of Thai farmers by producing quality products to fulfill their needs. It has been 30 incredible years, the managements and staffs are proud with the recognition of our products in Thai market and their abilities to increase crop qualities, as well as the production.

Today, the world has increased the demand for biological pesticides, together with more movements from anti-agrochemical entities, which raised the importance of product stewardship program around the globe. These makes educating farmers the most important task our priority. The use of agrochemicals combinding with biological pesticides will soon be able to give competitive crop productions for farmers once it is introduced correctly. We believe Thailand will not be too far from following this trend in the near future.

Monitoring crop productions and chemical residues is our main emphasis for development. We follow global agriculture trend to search for safer products for our farmers, as well as domestic and international consumers.

I strongly believe that, with these tradition passing onto the next generation of Sharp Formulators, we can help the development of Thai agriculture, as well as to give a better feed back to the community.

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