Our History

With the intention to give the family a better future, Dr. Pitoon Khawtepawan and his team combined their knowledge and had unexpectedly acquired a persistant dreams. Since agrochemical business establishment has been expanding from the very beginning in 1975 with good feedback from suppliers and local farmers in the country, the company has changed from a small rented space to a stable organization in later years. This has given prestigious honor to our foundation committees to be part of the organization’s success today.

Sharp Formulators Co., Ltd. was found in 1981, its task was to manufacture and supply goods for affiliated company of Khawtepawan & Associates.

Sharp Formulators Co.,Ltd.

It is also a well guided company that was established to support associated companies expanding plan from the past until present. The company follows principle of good quality production as a pattern of development for Thai agriculture to be improved, therefore, new agricultural technology has been introduced into the country.

Resolving agricultural problems in the country is its crucial concern. With desire to develop long term steady agricultural growth, it has to be very attentive to the world agricultural supplies that are effective for tropical country like Thailand. This relentless search for speciality products has distinguished it from other competitors. Because of its distinguished performances, Sharp Formulators has gained trust from local and international partners, the government sectors as well as private sectors.

It is the 30th year that Sharp Formulators Co., Ltd. has been supporting Thai farmers and also bringing Thai farmers up to international standard with its new technology. Its products have reached all the required standard qualification and are certified by GMP from Ministry of Public Health and ISO 14001 by SGS Thailand. It is also verified as a Green System Plant by the Ministry of Industry.

30th Presentation


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